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Each year over 200,000 service members transition from the military with over 50% of them going on 22 weeks of unemployment insurance. Survey results show that 81 percent of transitioning military personnel do not “feel fully prepared for the process of entering the job market.” And unfortunately, the military’s Transition Assistance Program is not designed to address the cultural needs of members leaving the service.


This lack of adequate support services presents daunting challenges related to finding meaningful employment and relating to the social environment of the civilian world, causing unintended consequences when service members are reintegrated back into society. This has resulted in high unemployment, homelessness, suicide, domestic violence and drug abuse and highlighted the need for a transition program that addresses reintegration issues at the core.


To answer the call National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. developed the REBOOT Workshop™, a three-week, cohort-based program that builds the emotional, psychological, social, and professional skills necessary for successful reintegration into civilian life. Designed for transitioning military and veterans, the workshop’s insightful and personalized approach to reintegration utilizes cognitive restructuring to help veterans redefine their life – from the inside out for a successful transition home.

In 2010 the National Veterans Transition Service Inc. (NVTSI) created REBOOT Workshops™. REBOOT Workshops™ are designed to meet an acute need for robust military to civilian transition program and close the gap. By addressing transition issues at their root cause, NVTSI and its network of partners helps transitioning service members, veterans and spouses successfully transitioning from the military-to-civilian world through a three phased, 15-day intensive workshop that empowers them with resiliency and self-sufficiency.

Taking a innovative and holistic approach to transition, the REBOOT Workshop™ builds upon your military training and skills to help you redefine your personal identity, purpose in life, and desired occupation. Participants are immersed in a reflective and engaging curriculum that successfully bridges the gap between military and civilian worlds.

This REBOOT Workshop™ focuses on three critical areas of a successful transition: Personal Identity, Lifestyle Transition & Career Transition. The seminar addresses the personal and social aspects of transition to civilian life by using research-based, outcome-driven methods drawn from the best practices in career planning and cognitive-behavioral techniques. The workshop will help you get back on track with your life/career and shift your thinking from being military directed to being self-directed.

Workshop Testimonials

The Reboot workshop opened my eyes to so much more than just finding a job. Reboot created a space for me to identify some road blocks that were holding me back and helped me reposition myself towards purposeful direction.

Angel Vallejo,
USAF Veteran, Speaker and Author, The Leadership Mindset

Three weeks before separating from military service I attended the NVTSI Reboot Workshop. I cannot emphasize enough how important and inspirational this program has been to my life. Reboot's tools and resources enabled me to take a good hard introspective look inside myself to discover what actions I needed to take to fulfill myself body, mind, and soul. After three weeks I had a new lease on life and renewed confidence in myself. I have since embarked on a new career and education. I have completed an acting conservatory program at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in West Hollywood, CA., and for the last three years since graduating from the Reboot program I have worked in Los Angeles as an Actor and Singer, recently earning my eligibility to join the Screen Actors Guild. Before Reboot, I couldn’t even imagine that the life I am living right now would be possible. After Reboot, I am confident that all of my goals in life are attainable. If I can believe it, I can achieve it.

Lisa Garisto,
Navy Veteran

Reboot came in a timely season of my life with the right tools that made a difference. I was able to identify and rise above beliefs that were limiting me from becoming more than I once thought. I was empowered to step into designing and running my own business and purpose.

Deane Vallejo,
USAF Veteran Spouse, Owner of Healing in Stretching

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